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Best Places to Rent a Flat in Bahrain for the Expat’s

flats for rent in bahrain

Just like other Gulf neighbors, Bahrain recently announced long-term visas for foreigners to boast its economy. With a total population of around 1.7 million, only half of its population are foreigners. Thus, Bahrain is all set to accommodate professional expatriates like other Gulf countries. If you are too planning to stay in Bahrain for a longer-term or thinking to work there, you need to take significant decisions like renting a decent property to stay. Accommodations and flats for rent in Bahrain usually fit within the budget of all ex-pats. Read more to find some of the best places to rent a flat in Bahrain.


Adliya is a popular place in Bahrain that comprises people belonging to diversified cultures. The area is positioned in the eastern side of the Kingdom and caters to the industrial, entertainment and cultural communities. This is the reason you will find many cafes, clubs, bars and restaurants in Adliya besides galleries, supermarkets and clubs. So, if you are looking for flats for rent in Bahrain, choose Adliya and enjoy the active lifestyle by mixing with the community.

Al Hidd

Al Hidd is one of the best places where you can rent a flat in Bahrain in the northeastern region. To be more precise, this place is located in the southeast tip of Muharraq Island. It is the oldest and the second largest region on the island where people thrived on fishing and pearl diving before the oil industry boomed in Bahrain. More recently, Al Hidd has been transformed into a modern and expanding community as many residential properties have emerged that comprises one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments. If you have children and rent a flat in Al Hidd, they will love spending time in the community park named Prince Khalifa bin Salman Park which views the sea, has cafes, restaurants, and a beautiful pond in the middle. 


Juffair is one place that houses the largest mosque in Bahrain, Al Fateh Mosque and is the most bustling part of the country. You will find many ex-pats in Juffair as it has the largest US navy-base settlement that impacts the nearby community. Along with it, there are many important buildings in this area such as CIO, BSE, Ministry of Islamic Affairs and Bahrain Tribune newspaper. For residents, there is a wide range of shopping malls, international cafes, retail outlets and eateries along with nightclubs, bars and hotels for a happening nightlife. You must choose Juffair to rent a flat in Bahrain as renting a property here is comparatively cheap than many others on the list. Moreover, you will get a wide range of properties to choose from to move immediately.


Situated near the King Fahad Causeway, Janabiyah is yet another amazing region for those who are searching for flats for rent in Bahrain. It is regarded as one of the most significant heritage sites in the country. Residents living here can easily reach Sheikh Isa bin Salman Highway to reach back home from Manama or related places. You will find various restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, retail stores and other facilities in Janabiyah which can be reached from the highway leading to Manama, Riffa and Saudi Bridge. There are many luxurious and semi-furnished flats to choose from, ranging in cost from moderate to high.


The city of Saar is located on the northern side, near the King Fahd Causeway that connects Bahrain with Saudi Arabia. It is one place in Bahrain which has many gated communities, villas and residential compounds where expatriates, locals, ambassadors and wealthy people reside. The community is a mix of American, Pakistani, Indian and Europeans. In its original form, Saar was farmland, making it greener than other urban areas in Bahrain. As a result, you will find Saar calm, and elegant with fresh air. For residents, there are many shopping centres, clubs and a cinema hall that plays movies in many languages. You will also find several salons, a gym and a dance school for entertainment.

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